Seafood basket - 230g

Manufacturer: Island Seafoods
A selection of tempting seafood treats enables you to enjoy a variety of mouth-watering delights all at once. You get an array of Tempura Pollock Fillets, Crumbed Prawn Cutlets, Crumbed Squid Rings and Tempura Surimi Bites and Crumbed Surimi Scallops. A perfect way to sample a range of premium seafood delights in a convenient pack. Each portion contains 3 x crumbed prawn cutlets, 1 x tempura natural fish fillet, 2 x crumbed calamari rings, 1 x tempura bite, 2 x crumbed scallops. A quality portion-controlled Seafood Basket. This dish is perfect for diners who can’t choose between one seafood dish and another!
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Cooking Instructions:
Deep Fryer
• 180°C
• 4 - 5 minutes
Conventional Oven
• 220°C
• 13 - 15 minutes

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