Clover Krush 6 Fruits and Fibre

Manufacturer: Clover
Krush 6 Fruits & Fibre is a 100% fruit juice containing 6 fruits – Orange, Apple/Grape, Guava, Mango, Banana and Pineapple with added fibre and orange cells. It is a great tasting fruit juice that will give you energy and looks after your dietary and nutritional needs. 6 Fruits & Fibre is great to enjoy with a light breakfast, served as a healthy snack or just enjoyed for the pure refreshment it offers you to enjoy your Daily Goodness.
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Orange Juice*
Apple and/or Grape Juice*
Guava Pulp
Orange fibre
Mango pulp
Banana puree
Pineapple juice*
Stabilizers (E405, E412, E466)
Preservatives (E221, E202)
Vitamin A Acetate & Beta-carotene (160a(i))

Product to be refrigerated <7°C
Use before best before date

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